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Plinio is a male given name in Europe and some parts of Latin America. This name is extremely exotic. Its Greek & Latin roots define it as "That who has many Powers".
It is extremely hard to pronounce. It is also suspected that this weird ass name comes from the ghetto root "plini" meaning: Of or pertaining to being exceptionally attractive, or irresistible and the suffix "o" that comes from the Spanish "oh" and gives a ghetto root a latin american sound.
have you seen Plinio? OMG he's a real realz!
by gucciguccilouilouisvendivendi September 09, 2011
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Plinio is a masculine given name
Name Meaning: Unclear.Italian, Portuguese and Spanish form of Plinius.

Name Origin: Greek, Sumerian.
Typhon, Plinio, Vortex, aliis Turbo, et vibratus Ecnephias, de _nube gelida_ (ut dictum est) abruptum aliquid sæpe numero secum voluit, ruinamque suam illo pondere aggravat: quem.... WHO KNOWS?
by alrightm April 17, 2011
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