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These carnivorous creatures lack friends, and make themselves look really good because they also lack self-esteem. These creatures know that they are Plebs and thus they don't change. They feed on the penises of teachers, being massive arse-kissers. If they get detentions then their lives are over, then contemplate suicide.

Some Plebosaurus-Rexes do commit suicide and even the family members will dance on their overly-wide graves. Life is better this way as scientists like Steven Hawking know their threat on the popularity of others while P-Rexes are in a close proximity. Steven, and millions of others like me, want P-Rexes to be extinct from the planet as they are a large danger to humanity.
Chris: Lol, I just owned him on facebook! Look how popular I am, Imaginary Friend!
Spencer: Don't be a Plebosaurus-Rex, Chris!

Chris: Oh no! A detention! Why!! My life is RUINED!! I'm always licking Mr. Lavender's arse!
Lewis: You're such a Plebosaurus-Rex.
by LemonyStuff February 04, 2011
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