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Pleasant Grove Utah is located right smack in the middle of happy valley. Almost anyone you meet has a hook up from anything from weed to x to home brewed booz. PG is also known for mad parties, and some of the craziest partiers in all of utah. There are two main groups rolling in PG, The REGS and the Grove Street Thugs, easy to pick these two out at a party cause they all rep PG 24/7. Both groups are chill with each other and always got each others back. Both are known for starting large brawls at parties and destroying peoples yards in an activity known as mobbing. But all you have to do to stop them from beating the shit out of you is flash the PG sign with your hands by forming a p with your right hand and a g with you left and putting your right hand on top of your left so you form something like: P

You can see PG from far away due to the large white G thats painted on the mountain side right east of PG. PG is also home to one of the best football teams in the state(mainly due to large participation from both the REGS and the Grove Street Thugs)
Those PG kids were so sick, the way they came in a just controled that party

Bro Im telling you its not a party if no one shows up from PG

Bro those PG kids just showed up and dropped like 20 AF kids and there were only like 5 of them

I love livin in Pleasant Grove Utah, all I ever do is get crunk and party
by PGforlife February 10, 2011
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City in Utah, known for being Pleasant, yet grove-ly. Also known for producing the most NOOBtastic NOOBS in all of Utah. Yeah, the only drugs these people can hook you up with is the shit their family practicioner prescribes. Only use is as a half way point.
PG noob: hey could you drive to Pleasant Grove Utah to hook me up with a $3 bag?
O.G.: who the fuck is this?

PG Noob: what about roofies?
by pfffuckers! January 11, 2011
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