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A person who starts beef for no reason. Also, these people do not understand most Xbox owners have a PS2 as well. But they just prefer Xbox, because of better graphics, online gameplay, THE SAME DAM GAMES AS PS2 and Halo yes Halo Playstation people go ahead make fun of it while it destroys any other game just made for playstation, but wait how many games are just made for that: little to none. Also what these fanboys say is that the next console race is over when in fact Bill Gates has over 50 Billion dollars so you would have to think that microsoft's xbox wont be going anywhere for a while. The real fact is Both Sony and Microsoft will be going at it for a while so fans in the middle will have to listen to both sides bitching for the next few years.
John: I'm a PS Fanboy

Horace: I'm an Xbox fanboy

Jack: Both of you shutup you both are 5'5 weigh 90 lbs. and have pimples all over your face. You both need to calm the heck down because the Nintendo Revolution is gonna dominate anyway.
by John Doeyy August 06, 2005
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