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A playlist trap occurs (most often on media-sharing sites) when a video/audio track you may like leaves you only terrible suggestions of related material "you should watch", making you hesitant. The only exit is then to find the two or three videos that are not related with the material you are watching but that are always present in any suggestion list.
Playlist Trap fear (or simply Playlist Fear) :

- Man if I clicked on this one Beyonce track I like i'll be stuck with all the rest of her terrible discography... Better not listen to it.

Playlist Trap :

- Awww I clicked on that one Beyonce track I liked even though I had Playlist fear ! Now i'm forced to listen to Deja-vu or something...

Oh WAIT ! A Metallica track somehow got lost in the suggestion list !

by Arbiter6 September 04, 2011
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