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Somewhat similar to Playing silly buggers
Playing stupid buggers is however never used affectionately or humorously; it is generally used in one of two different ways:

1. To refer to someone deliberately doing something wrong that is likely to have ramifications.

2. To refer to someone doing something really stupid that is likely to not end well at all
ex1. I dont know what she is up to, but knowing how her mind works; she is most likely playing stupid buggers

Bogan #1 - Why are you in the hospital Bogan?

Bogan #2 - I broke my left armpit, right earlobe, right funny bone and my left nipple.

Bogan #1 - How did you do that you twit?

Bogan #2 - Well its a funny story you see, I was walking around in you mums hot knickers when...

Bogan #1 - ...oi, ive warned you before smartarse; you talk about my mums hot knickers again and I will break your appendix for you!!!

Bogan #2 - Sorry!! dude you got to lay off of the red meat and cheeseburgers, dont get your mums hot knickers in a twist

Bogan #1 Thumps Bogan #2

Bogan #2 - Oww, my fuckin appendix, you nasty fudgin' barstool

Bogan #1 - I did warn you mungbean

Bogan #2 - fair enough i guess; to tell you the truth I jumped off of the roof on my rollerblades with a bowling ball

Bogan #1 - So you were playing stupid buggers then, thats all I needed to know, good luck getting that Darwin award, dont give up on the dream

Bogan #2 - You didnt let me finish!!, anyway, there I was minding my own business on my roof, with my rollerblades and bowling ball wearing your mums hot knickers when...

Bogan #1 - You stupid son of a bitch...

***Censored*** ***Censored*** ***Censored*** ***Censored***

Note: its not really censored I just thought writing down those Batman sounds of violence was rather gay

Note #2: There is nothing wrong with being gay, everyone has the Freedom and The right to make the choice of who they want to root. Regardless of your sexual orientation (Im with the Church of Cliff Richard at the moment personally) please have a good read of the Guide to relationships

Cool... 13 cross references!!
I wonder if Narcissism is defined here?

Sunday 02/11/2008
by Luke Warm December 22, 2008
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