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A platonic puddle is a non-sexual, non-romantic cuddle session between two or more friends. Platonic puddles may be participated in by couples and usually stem from a love for non-sexual physical affection.

The general rule for participating in a platonic puddle is to keep it G-rated. Kissing is only acceptable in the form of a quick peck on a non-arousing part of the body such as the shoulder, cheek, or forehead.

Platonic Puddles can also occur when standing up, in the form of a group hug. Standing Platonic Puddles are generally used by girls to comfort another obviously distressed girl.

The Platonic version of a cuddle puddle
Every time Jenna, Amelia and Brandon cuddled, they got weird looks. Nobody seemed to get that their Platonic Puddle was just for comfort.
by BallroomFreak January 14, 2012
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