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shit at football. good academics but the admin is AIDS. u also might catch aids in the bathrooms at west if your lucky. if you come to a party with plano west kids you can find the star academic students snorting cocaine and shooting up heroin. the ghets at west aren't really ghetto, they think they hard and shit but they really ain't whatsoever. plano aint ghetto #wuckfest

WEST KID 1: hey did craig shooting up at the party friday??

WEST KID 2: bro i didn't know craig did heroin !!

WEST KID 1: yeah i didn’t know either what a fucking crackhead

WEST KID 2: u tryna fade the wood??

WEST KID 1: hell yeah i got some gas we can smoke lets meet at treehouse

WEST KID 2: ight bet
by cultshit1990 May 29, 2019
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Quite possibly the worst school in all of plano. Not academically, or any of that in fact they have very nice SAT scores. Whats wrong with it is the students there. They are all snobby as white,asian and brown kids with too much fucking time and money on their hands to do anything worth while to society.

You have a fucking BMW, an iphone 4, an ipad and like 4 guitars, i dont think you would value hard work that it took to get you that shit.
Plano west sucks major cocks.
the place where you can embrace your inner douche.
by PSHS Ftw November 09, 2010
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