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Planko Montoya, more commonly reffered to as Monty Ball, was invented in Southern Ontario in 1764 by Jonny Marshall. The game is played using a short wooden stick, called the monty stick, and a large ring made out of thick rubber, called the monty ball. The object of the game is to hit the monty ball with the monty stick as many times as you can before it hits the ground. There are 3 ways of scoring: if you hit the monty ball without changing you footing, you get 2 points. If you hit the monty ball after changing your footing, you get only 1 point. If you hit the monty ball while it's behind your back, you get 5 points. At the end of every season there are play-offs, which decides the winner of the Planko Cup. Each game is called a battle, and in each battle there are 7 matches. The winner of each match is the team that gets the most points. The winner of the most matches wins the battle. In the play-offs, it is allowed to hit the opposing team with your monty stick, but other contact ends the match. Teams can be made up of 2-7 people, also there are single matches, where only 1 player participates against another player. Another way of playing is reffered to as Freestyle Planko, where any number of players can play with any number of monty balls, and passes between players are allowed and rewarded with extra points. Stalls are also a part of freestyle monty ball, if the monty ball is held on the monty stick for more than 5 seconds, it is considered a stall and is worth points. There is no formal tournament for freestyle monty ball, and it is usually a more laid-back, non-competitive version of the game.
Chip: Yo dog, what you wanna do today?

Dale: I was thinkin' of heading up to the muxry to play some Planko Montoya.

Chip: Nice, ask The Huda Fish if he wants in.

Dale: I did, he's in, we got ourselves a game.
by Canadian_History_Man January 16, 2009
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