A New FPS where the main goal is not die every 30 seconds. Oh, and also use tanks to run over people and shoot at aircraft, hoping to land a hit, but missing every time.
I am gonna mess those guys up! Oh. Shit. I'm dead. *Ragequit Planetside 2*
by kab355 February 01, 2014
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The free to play FPS that no one plays or has heard of. Apperantly it’s good though
Hey man, want to play some Planetside 2?”
what’s that”
by KittyScientist March 05, 2018
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1:battle with 3 factions to control continents, and when you get a kill it feels 10000x more rewarding than a kill in COD.

2:the worst new player experience of all time where the weapons feel like you're holding an airsoft gun with more recoil, and all you need is cash money to get the advantage in a fight.
"hey man, i just won the lottery. lets play some Planetside 2, we have enough money to buy rediculously op shit now."
"ok and"
by 14637956857642236735 May 15, 2021
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