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Planetary Annihilation is a RTS game developed by Uber Entertainment. The game was crowd funded through kickstarter and received 2.3 million in funding. The game is macro based around having a efficiency percentage rather than resources to make something. It relies on economy primarily and having lots, and lots, and lots of factories. You can win in various ways from doing a smashing planet smash with halleys or blowing planets up with a Death Star like planet made of metal when powered with catalysts. Or you could just kill a commander normally.
Gamer 1: Aye lad look at this game on kickstarter, its called Planetary Annihilation.

Gamer 2: That looks pretty cool, you want to help fund it? Looks interesting for a RTS.

Gamer 1: Aye lets do that.
by Rhythmic Tune January 18, 2015
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