Totally ghey. In the mid 1970's they were once thought of as cool. Now, abercrombie drones have sodomized the name and ruined yet another thing that was once cool.
By the way guys... You may find them cool, but your grandfather also has a pair. So...
Those plaid shorts are really homosexual-esque.
by Kosher Boy May 30, 2008
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What people wear when they go to picnics.
"Hey, they're wearing plaid shorts. They must be going to a picnic."
by freewilly/fathands July 11, 2008
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A Style of Baggy Short With Bands & Columns feat on all the short it's made for urban fashion Boyz especiall in Spring and Summer to Stay fresh
The Original Doe Boy Fresh gotta have a Plaid Shorts...Why ? Just for Shyne & Stay fresh
by Evrard April 9, 2008
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