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When your asshole puckers the morning after a hard night of beer drinking and or after Pizza eating. Usually followed by intense diarrhea and or "beer shits", bloating, a rotting dead road kill in the sun for 4 days smell, and discomfort.
"Pizza and or Beer Pucker syndrome"

Guy 1 "Dude I drank a 12 pack and eat 2 twelve inch pizzas last night. I gotta shit so bad my asshole is puckered up like shes ready for a kiss.:

Guy 2 "sounds like you got a bad case of the Beer Pucker syndrome"

Guy 1 " OH, Not anymore it breached the lips"

enters guy 3

Guy 3 " Fuck, why does it smell like the time my cat got hit by that car and baked in the sun for a few days?"

Guy 2" John couldn't hold his irritable beer pucker syndrome and ruined a new pair of pants!"

Wife 1 "Don't let him change in the house, go outside! "
by DaveNeedtheprotector! May 14, 2013
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