24/7 Pizza place in Windsor, Ontario, in the most ghetto area of Westside. They also deliver 24/7, have pizza, chicken, shawarma, gyros, subs, panzerottis, and some crazy greasy wings, fries, onion rings and poutines. Pizza Plus is known for its wide customer base, ranging from good Muslims, bad Muslims, barhoppers, Americans, crackheads, potheads, high school and UWindsor students. They also have a convenience store, a laundromat, and a pool table. Pizza Plus is also a shitty place to work, because their customers are loud and rowdy, and usually engage in fisticuffs on a nightly basis.
Man, I'm drunk and it's five AM and I don't feel like Froot Loops, let's order Pizza Plus and then pass out before they deliver it.
by Islamic funmentalist February 18, 2011