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The atrocious act of buying a Citrus Gatorade from a convenience store, most notably Allsups, and proceeding to chug the Gatorade. Subsequently, one fills the emptied bottle up with his urine. This may take multiple urinations, depending on the size of the container. One is encouraged to drink a lot of soda and generally unhealthy products to produce a highlighter yellow color of piss. Once filled with this 'high-lighter' pee, screw the lid back on, walk into the same store (with bottle in hand), go to the Gatorade area in the drinks section and act as if you are deciding on which color to buy. Slyly place the pee bottle on the rack and walk out. Eventually, someone will buy it, and potentially drink your piss, which they in turn actually paid for.

Also, can be applicable to the act of peeing in your mother's iced-tea while she is in the bathroom, and then keeping a straight face when you watch her quench her thirst with your excrement.
{While sitting outside the store, watching to see if anyone buys the bottle} "Dude! Dude! This chick just took a swig of Pize-Ade!!!"
by Pize October 19, 2004
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