A sandbox indie game that lets you trade, farm, fish, set on a adventure in a 2-dimensional world with infinite numbers of creating one. Often compared to Growtopia which is also a similar genre game which is founded at year 2012 in which Pixel Worlds on the other hand is founded at 2017.
GT: Zzzz, another impostor
PW: Nah mine is better
Literally No one: Stop comparing Pixel Worlds to Growtopia, Game is only the same with Genre but not how you play it. Both have pros and cons so stop boasting.
by Just walking beside March 26, 2020
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Online social sandbox game, that is hated by the same genre having game's community that is known for it's fairly big and cancerous kids fan base.
James: Hey wanna play "Pixel Worlds"?
John: No! It copied "Growtopia"!
James: Dude it is just the same genre game, there are a lot of other games like that.
John: NO!
by Hi me big boy April 02, 2018
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An OK game that is similar to Growtopia with better graphics
Person 1: Pixel Worlds is a rip off
Person 2: thats old news, its good
by some.Noob.is.here January 09, 2018
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Its like growtopia but it is less cancerous and has better staff than growtopia.
Me : Hey, want to play pixel world?

Friend : Ye sure, you play growtopia?

Me : Fuck off.
by Succ Dicc May 22, 2018
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A 2D Platformer just like growtopia, in fact, it's a rip-off of growtopia.
Guy 1: Hey! Wanna play Growtopia?
Guy 2: Sure, but I don't have it, i have the crappy version called Pixel worlds.
Guy1: Oh... ok
by shitty community May 27, 2017
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Makes a whole new definition to unoriginal

Can also be used as a term for cancer
John: hey wanna play pixel worlds?
Jack: sorry I'd rather live than get cancer.
by Lebanongt June 11, 2017
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