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An OK game that is similar to Growtopia with better graphics
Person 1: Pixel Worlds is a rip off
Person 2: thats old news, its good
by January 09, 2018
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Online social sandbox game, that is hated by the same genre having game's community that is known for it's fairly big and cancerous kids fan base.
James: Hey wanna play "Pixel Worlds"?
John: No! It copied "Growtopia"!
James: Dude it is just the same genre game, there are a lot of other games like that.
John: NO!
by Hi me big boy May 19, 2018
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A 2D Platformer just like growtopia, in fact, it's a rip-off of growtopia.
Guy 1: Hey! Wanna play Growtopia?
Guy 2: Sure, but I don't have it, i have the crappy version called Pixel worlds.
Guy1: Oh... ok
by shitty community May 29, 2017
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Makes a whole new definition to unoriginal

Can also be used as a term for cancer
John: hey wanna play pixel worlds?
Jack: sorry I'd rather live than get cancer.
by Lebanongt June 12, 2017
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Its like growtopia but it is less cancerous and has better staff than growtopia.
Me : Hey, want to play pixel world?

Friend : Ye sure, you play growtopia?

Me : Fuck off.
by Succ Dicc June 08, 2018
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