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A Pity Click occurs when a user is surfing the world wide web and clicks on a paid advertisement for a web site that either sucks or clearly does not make any money. Even though the user has no intention of purchasing the advertised good or service, he or she realizes that by clicking the ad, the web site owners will make some money.
I found this cool website that lets you download music for free. I got so much good stuff from them that I gave them a pity click so that they get some money.
by TheJerkMan March 13, 2008
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Noun or verb: Sympathetically clicking "like" or an emoticon on the posting of an unattractive or unpopular FaceBook friend in order to help maintain the life-sustaining illusion that their lives are interesting. A low risk / low effort virtual version of the Pity Fuck.
Unaware that all of Lisa's responses to his FaceBook postings were just pity clicks, Warren made a beeline for her at the class reunion, thinking after 25 years he would finally score..
by The Working Dead June 30, 2016
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