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The Pittsburgh Steamer is a popular twist on the famed Cleveland Steamer. It features the standard pooper and poopee, but in this classy rendition, the pooper throws french fries and cole slaw on top of the mess.
Naw man... It was a Pittsburgh Steamer, not a Cleveland Steamer. Johnny threw french fries and cole slaw all over Jane once he was done dropping a deuce on her chest. Common mistake.
by Yinzerguy November 16, 2010
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When a guy takes a girl to Primanti Bros. for a romantic dinner. Then, said guy takes girl back to his place and takes a shit on the girls’ chest. The girl looks down and sees ruminates of coleslaw in the shit. While all this is going on the couple is drinking IC Lite!
Shantel did Jerome take you to Primanti Bros. last night for dinner? Yes and afterwards he gave me a Pittsburgh Steamer. That's hot!
by DMyers October 23, 2006
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This is when a guy or girl is getting shitted on by a guy or girl. This is not considered a pittsburgh steemer unless the person is getting off to this horrible thing. Its then called rape.
Billy: "Hey babe..i got to shit"
Ann: "Oh man..shit on me..on my tits"
Billy:"Ok...(shitting away)"
Ann:"Oh damn...shit on me...ooooooo!"

Thats a pittsburgh steamer!
by allamerwhiteguy September 12, 2005
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