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Nautical Three Step Process:

1.) The first step is the man neglecting the use of a condom for the sexual interaction.

2.) The female then acknowledges to the man that she currently has razor burn around the proximity of her vagina. This consequently results in the man paying a quick visit to his garage before his female partner leaves the room. He gathers sand paper and rubber cement. The man scratches off many of the sand particles from the paper by utilizing his fathers metal filer, and flakes them onto his previously rubber cement-lathered cock rocket. He then hoists his britches up and heads back into the bedroom to embark on his latest and greatest expedition of manimalness.

3.) He crash lands his gritty cocket ship into the meat curtains of his girlfriends razor burned vagina and then pours Sapphire Bombay Gin on it. And Bill Paxton watches while eating two Granola Bars.
Gunther from Minnesota: "Jesus Christ was that sound I just heard... a hot rod burning out in gravel?"

Hans from Minnesota: "No that was a manimal about 300 miles away giving a girl the Pittsburgh Pine Tree."
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