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Pittsburgh Pepperoni is a fraternity prank frequently played on new pledges that are rushing a fraternity. It's origins is believed to be a popular college in downtown Pittsburgh, although it has recently become a popular prank across the country. To perform a Pittsburgh Pepperoni senior fraternity brothers shit on a tray or plate. Then they slice the shit up into slim slices and place it on top of a pepperoni pizza. The pizza is then served to new pledges after a long night of drinking.
Hondo: Hey you dudes have been drinking all night would you like some pizza?
New Pledge: Sure man that sounds great!
***The next morning***
New Pledge: Man, I have shitty taste in my mouth.
Hondo: Ha ha ha I bet you do, that pizza we served you last night was a Pittsburgh Pepperoni!!
New Pledge: *Barf* man I was wondering what all that brown stuff was that was stuck between my teeth.
by Heatherpleather March 21, 2008
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