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When you place a frozen pizza in the oven, and then fall asleep/pass out, leaving the frozen pizza cooking for hours. You are usually awoken to smoke detector blaring, or a house filled with smoke and a horrible burning odor. This usually is preceded by a long night of boozing. A successful pitopo usually ends up with something that resembles a charred hockey puck in the oven. "Pizza In The Oven Pass Out"
Man, I got home from the bar last night and pulled a pitopo. Everything in my house smells like charred pizza. Probably gonna take 2 weeks to get the stench out.

I was sound asleep last night, and woke up to a smoke filled apartment and the fire alarm blaring. My roommate Greg came home from the bars and committed a pitopo. I have to work in the morning and my suit reeks now. I tried to wake up Greg to reem him out, but he wouldn't even budge.
by sappage February 20, 2017
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