Back when it was unlucky to have women aboard ships. The crew needed a solution to their sexual needs. This task was assigned to the 'Pitboy' (usually around 12-15 in age) who would take up position on one side of the glory hole while he 'serviced' the crew members on the other side.
Shut up you duck butter gargling pitboy or I'll castrate you with a nail clipper.
by Jacob Taylors November 06, 2010
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One who tracks an internet forum abuser. Collects information, using links, screenshots and quotes to launch his attack.
You wrote that? Don't make me go Pitboy on your ass...
by Antioch October 27, 2003
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The greatest weapon in the war against Antioch
Pitboy spends more time investigating Antioch than anyone else
by Ghost Freeman October 31, 2003
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