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The act of having sex with a woman and showing appreciation by urinating in her anus.
R. Kelly pissed in her ass after hours of mindless children sex.
by Wigg January 19, 2004
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An expression used to mean that you would perform sexual intercourse on a female for so long that all of the vagina juices in her vagina are completely gone and your penis is covered with friction burn. After all of this, she would still want you to continue, but since her vagina is so dry, you have to use the anus. By this time, your testicles are already completely emptied, and you are exhausted, so you would piss in her ass to make her think that you came.
Friend 1: Would you piss in her ass?

Friend 2: I would piss in her ass five times.
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by the lonley stoner February 04, 2017
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