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When you spin your pelvic area in circles while taking a piss, causing piss to fly every which way, all over everything.
Dude 1: What the fuck bro, why is there piss everywhere!

Dude 2: Duuuuude you shoulda been there, I made a sweet piss tornado.


Dude 1: Check out that hot chick over there!

Dude 2: I'd let her make a piss tornado on me if you know what I'm saying!
by Palutena May 12, 2014
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When two or more males stand back to back in a seedy bar bathroom with their penises out. Then said males being to urinate and rotate clockwise covering the seedy bar bathroom in urine. This is a widely accepted practice, as the only time some of these bathrooms will be close to clean is when you are pissing all over the place.
This bathroom sucks and the bartender is an asshole. Let us converge into a piss tornado and ruin everyone else's day that needs to take a shit, wash their hands, or basically touch anything in this restroom.
by A.J. Walnut January 22, 2011
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