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It's a fine cocktail from Perú, very popular in Southamerica and europe, not yet in the US, but it'll be soon. This is the recipe:
750ml Peruvian Pisco (Santiago Queirolo),250ml lime juice, 250ml of simple syrup, 3 egg whites, 1 dash "angostura" bitters(a special syrup) and chopped ice.
Shake the mix of pisco, syrup, lime juice, egg whites, and then add chopped ice to provide volume(not too much), serve in cocktail glasses adding a drop of "angostura" for flavor purposes. And then, get drunk!!!!!!!!!!!
Peruvian: Damn! How come they don't have Piscosour in this bar. They don't know about Pisco in the US.
Chilean: We've been exporting Pisco to the US for five years!
Peruvian: Oh yeah!, I got it!, Now I understand why they don't like it. As soon as we start exporting peruvian pisco, pisco is gonna be more popular than whiskey, rum and tequila together!!
by Aldiño June 27, 2006
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