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(n.) a word used to describe a hot chick younger than you or in a lower grade level than you. It's usually is a super hot freshman.
Guy 1: Hey bro, you gettin on those pinner danks in health?
Guy 2: Bro, all day er' day!
by Thehirschhorny November 15, 2009
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refers to someone who is a lightweight and cannot handle alcohol very well

usually used to describe hot girls who get drunk after three beers, but can also

describe guys who are small or pinner.

the meaning comes from an oximoron having to do with weed. pinner (an

exceptionally tightly rolled joint, lacking substantial pot) and dank (highly

"potent" weed of exceptional quality).
guy 1: "I hooked up with that girl at the party last night."

guy 2: "Is she a partier?"

guy 1: "Nah. She's a pinner dank."
by troggyyy May 14, 2009
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