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To extort sexual acts from (a person, usually a female) by the use of threats
His attempt at pinkmail was not successful, as she would not agree to sleep with him in exchange for him not telling her parents she used drugs.
by Al Getz April 12, 2009
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An act conducted by a woman using her sexual prowess to manipulate another person by implication of sexual gratification.
Sally pinkmailed Jim into buying her that $2,000 necklace.
by Mancy February 27, 2011
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A form of blackmail where the female uses her vagina as leverage to get what she wants. Can also be used with bussies (a boy vagina).
Yo I can't believe that Victoria blackmailed Mr. Jefferson to win the contest

No gurl, you're wrong she pink mailed him

Ya, what a slut
by Cax_Maulfield May 12, 2018
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