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The Pink Eye Pearl Harbor is most easily described as a sneak attack.

A Pink Eye Pearl Harbor is when you sneak into a friend, sibling, or roommates room while they are sleeping, bend over, spread your cheeks' and let er rip right in the face of the unaware sleeper.

When the unlucky bastard with shitty friends wakes up he will have a face full of fecal matter and a beginners case of the dreaded Pink Eye.

An "Ultimate" Pink Eye Pearl Harbor is achieved when the attacker is of Asian decent and he pulls of the attack on a Sunday morning.
Sizuki: "Bansai!!!"

Chris: "Awww whats on my face?"

Sizuki: "Bansai!!"

Chris: "Fuck did you Pink Eye Pearl Harbor me?"

Sizuki: "Ultimate."
by K1LL_4_FUN March 02, 2011
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