Small tissue in front of your brain, behind the center of your forehead, that naturally releases serotonin and melatonin that creates dreams when you are in deep sleep as well as in the final moments leading up to your death. Discovered by the ancients; this very mysterious and powerful gland has incredible hallucinogenic, some say spiritual, properties beyond science and understanding. It can be activated while awake by the inhalation of a living organism compound called Dimethyltyptamine (DMT) through an Amazonian ritual called Ayahuasca or by smoking the powdered compound alone. Also known as the spirit molecule, it is said that it is the one thing that all living beings and organism have common on this planet and possibly others.
"Today, we will study the power of what is referred to as, your third eye."

-The Pineal Gland .
by MRCWILL September 13, 2015
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