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Pimply-Faced Pro {n, adj.}. Also known as PFP. A nerdy cyber-geek teen who like most of his ilk, suffers from bad acne and lack of social skillz outside of DotA to procure themself a sex partner or even any friends in general(excluding other PFP's). Usually they have a shitty gaming attitude (often sore winners as well as losers) and spend all day and night playing DotA thus increasing their "L337" skillz to make up for their lack of a penis or tits. But hey, they are really good at DotA and that's all that matters.
"YouGotOwNt: lol for all the hater sayin im not good its funny , becuz i could own you all that just talk shit and acutally have , i thouhgt you werent suppose to talk shit on the forums, fuckin hilarious , you need to stop worrying about me and worry about your own dota skills, i clearly own you all, that why you hate me so much , becuz you got ownt, lol so what i have a big ego, i know im good , point blank, dont beleive then come test me , find me in clna ownt, noobs !!!!"
by MBS March 11, 2005
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