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Also spelt Pimp Gangster Poet.

A 'PimpGangstaPoet' is someone who appears to possess all three of these much sought after qualities. In actuality the only necessary quality that this person must possess is the ability to speak eloquently, and craft beautiful poetry. In doing this, the PimpGangstaPoet can easily pick up any girl and has the appearance of being a pimp as he is frequently seen with two or more beautiful women around his arms.

Gangster however is not thought of in its traditional sense of being a gang member or involved in the mafia, but it used in the sense of being the essence of cool.
Mike: Damn, I always see that guy with like two chicks on his arms.
Steve: I know, he is such a pimp. I heard that he writes poetry.
Mike: Thats so gangster. I wish I could write some sweet rhymes, then I'd be a PimpGangstaPoet.
by L Griffith April 17, 2008
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