Obviously, the space ship for Pimps. But these aint no normal pimps, no. They are technologically advanced alien-like pimps. They can fly from galaxy to galaxy, to and fro, dropping off and picking up their space hoes. Due to their technological advances they have an on-board hoe-storage system, therefore they can pick up their space-hoe, deposit them and keep them safe, healthy and ready for another vigorous session of spacing it up on other planets. This way the space pimps never have to repeat TV show Scrubs character Snoop Dogg Interns words of, "Where my hoes at?", because they will know exactly where they are, in their little hoe depository system. Think of pokemon, the computer, where you store the pokeballs, it's like that, only with hoes, yeahhhh now you get me! By the way, Scrubs and Pokemon are both very glorious.
"Did you hear big daddy lost a space hoe?"

"Impossible, not with the new hoe storage device"

"Well, apparently the Pimp Ship didn't turn up"

"Shitt son"
by twatfacepartyboy June 30, 2009
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Kanye Wests preferred method of transportation. Outfitted for speed and style rather than combat value, Pimp Ships have been known to go down from a single P.R.E.T.T.Y. missile. Avoid flying in one if you know of any nearby S.H.A.W.T.Y. Ground to Air missile sites.
I used to be commander and chief of a pimp ship flying high, until that pretty little missile came and shot me down out the sky
by Darebear42 December 31, 2009
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