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A grimy person or act. Something that is socially seen as bad behavior such as shoplifting, stealing from people, intending to do something shady of illegal. A pilthy person is someone who is not to be trusted and most likely havs a devious agenda from the start. The term "pilthy" originated in southern California in 2017 and is used in the LGBT community by hard drug users like ghb, crystal meth and heroin users. It is worse than filthy. If you have no money and need to get high, you become pilthy and do shady shit like stealing someones cell phone to sell for $50 so they can get there next bag of dope. Getting pilthy as fuck, means your about to get ready to do a lot of drugs.
"That's a pilthy mother fucker" or "Let's go get pilthy tonight" or "We about to get pilthy with it" or "Don't bring any pilthy shit over" or "I'm feeling pilthy tonight" or "Them nigga's pilthy as fuck" or "Bring me a new pizzle, this one is pilthy as fuck"
by Christian Trey December 02, 2018
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