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When one desires to give a male a reach-around hand job but their arms are too small. Thus they finger (or 'boop') the male's belly button until climax.
When thrusting Jeremy from behind, my arms could not reach his member. I ended up pillsbury-ing him until we finished.
by bl_cr June 13, 2016
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A term use to describe a heavyset person's unintended exposure of a protruding abdomen; a similarity between the dough that comes out from a fractured cylinder can of Pillsbury® Biscuits and the protruding abdomen.
"Hey look at that guy's belly, he's pillsburying."
"Man I am so fat in this picture, look I am pillsburying in this one."
"I better tuck in my shirt so not be seen pillsburying this crowd."

by David_Loraine February 17, 2007
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