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Comes from the old English job of a gatherer of sticks . Once a Pilley had gathered enough sticks, he or she would beat the rest of the town into paying taxes to themselfs and thus self appointed his role as a lord of Leeds. This trait has stuck .although pilley are or liberal and have developed to more anarchic tendancies . Pilleys are good at spending money and enjoy spending others money to just as much. But they are generous too tThey were the first to move away from the capitalist system and promote free living and self autonomy . Pilleys make the best lovers by far without any competition . The world moves and the heavens shake with excitement at the prospect of being with one so perfect . So our advise is don't pick up a penguin pick up Pilley
dont be silly Pilley you've got the greatest willie

was that an earthquake no someone just kissed Pilley
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