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Despicable, thoroughly undesirable, a massive pain in balls
You can can fuck right off if you think I'm doing that project Rupert, it sounds like a right massive pile of cunt!

No, I'm not going to watch Hamlet performed in Modern dress with Benedict Cumberthatch it'll be a right steaming pile of cunt!
by Itsallgoodman December 23, 2016
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1. Utter rubbish, a worthless, and thoroughly useless item of equipment. 2. What your mate is when he has let you down, 3. Numerous lesbians stacked one on top of another
1. Don't use that soluble snorkle it's a right pile of cunt.
2. I don;t fucking believe it she was my fuck you massive pile of cunt.
3. Wooooooo man, look at that pile of cunt, mmmmmmmm.
by Cheese Dish March 11, 2003
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Anything that induces contempt, exasperation, fatigue and an all round general feeling of crappiness.
This assignment is a pile of cunt!
by J March 10, 2005
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