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Pigwig is a magical creature that is the god of all beings and owls. He has the power to conjure a taco with a wave of his wing. Popular stories tell that Pigwig is a descendant of Hedwig, who was the infamous companion of Harry Potter.

It has been told that Pigwig can speak over 297 languages, one of them being Ukrainian. Many people have stated that PIgwig is still alive and that one day he will shower the world with purple beans and grow stalks so high that everyone can visit him in his kingdom. (It has also been reported that Pigwig’s favourite colour is a slightly washed out sponge shade)

It has also been claimed that Pigwig has remarkable similarities to the Dalai Lama. These claims have been silence, it is in fact the Dalai Lama that looks like Pigwig. They both find this quite flattering as they are very good friends and frequently ride an alpaca through the high hills of Malaysia.
Caroline: Look!!! Pigwig be it you???
Kathleen: Pigwig???? PIGWIG????

by pigwiglover May 25, 2011
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