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A sexually transmitted disease that causes no physical symptoms but draws pigeons to those affected. Therefore, it is potentially dangerous because of the potential for disease spread by pigeons. It is thought that Pigeondick (or it's technical name, Phallus Columbidae) causes human beings to secrete an enzyme through their sweat glands similar to the secretions pigeons give off during mating season. Pigeons are known to rub their heads and underbellies on affected humans. A cure is being developed, but currently the best option is to wear a condom.
Man1: Ever since I had sex with Scruffy pigeons have been rubbing up on me

Man2: I think you have pigeondick dude

Man1: Well...I didn't wear a condom
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Way to call someone "Small dicked" as a joke/serious insult which is kind of amusing when you say it.
Also fairly degrading when you say it to people
Some guy: Oh my god you could of saved that ball!!

You: Oh my god shut up pigeon dick you do it!
by Ollie.s May 03, 2007
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