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1.) A slang term given to the phenotype (or trait) of a pig-shaped nose.
(Usually considered extremely undesirable amongst society)

2.) One who gains sexual arousal from the thoughts of, and/or actions of sexual intercourse with barnyard swine.
1.) "Man, it's no wonder people talk bad about Victoria Beckham's mug, she's got one of the biggest Pig-Boinkers i've ever seen!"

2.) "That Katey Burns needs to get a grip! Her constant daydreaming of Wilbur is making me start to think she's a real Pig-Boinker!"

3.) "Cletus! you ain't goin' to no college! You're gonn' stay here with yer' family and become a professional Pig-Boinker, jus' like your ol' man! Pigs need to get their proper pokin' too!"
by KingKong40 October 26, 2010
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