Raunchy gay sex. If one refers to themselves as a pig, they usually have few limits in terms of sex. Typically, bottoms will refer to themselves as pigs. However, some tops who are sex addicts might refer to themselves as a pig. If you are hard pressed to find sex, a pig will take your dick. No questions asked.
He's into pig play, you won't need a condom.
by bahlee March 07, 2020
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This term is commonly used in the gay male community to describe the act of having dirty sex. A man engaging in pig play may perform acts of watersports, urine colonics, defecation, tag-team sex, bareback, breeding, fisting, and cum swapping. A true sex pig is an insatiable anal sex addict.
Michael was not satisfied by vanilla sex, he needed serious pig play to get off.
by paculler December 16, 2011
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"dirty" gay sex - W/S, scat, sweat, etc
He is a total bottom and loves pig play.
by farmboy December 24, 2005
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