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Pierceland is a small village in north west Saskatchewan. It is 20 minutes away from Cold Lake, Alberta, an equally grubby city. If you like easy girls and assholes, you will love Pierceland. The guys have small dicks and try to compensate by driving big pickup trucks. They act like assholes so people won't suspect that in all actuality they are actually raging pussies. They can only think with their dicks because their too tight wranglers cut off the circulation of blood to their brains. Activities frequented by the locals include hunting, fishing, quadding, hockey, ski dooing, and binge drinking.
Person 1: I was with some guy last night and he had the tiniest dick I have ever seen!!

Person 2: Wow, he must have been from Pierceland!
by coldlakegirl97 September 04, 2010
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