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The pinnacle of combining a Piecho (pie nachos) with a piewich (a pie sandwich). This is the bringing together of three great food groups (pie, sandwich and cornchips) and results in a mouthgasm.
The process is to peel the top off a mince and cheese pie, scoop out the hot contents with corn chips and place between 2 slices of bread. Select whole grain bread for healthier options.
Feel free to add sour cream, avocado, bacon or ketchup.
This is the perfect food choice for a big feed that is also tasty, cheap and fast.
Contents are easily stored at home and don't require a trip out. Also a good mix of European and mexican food, semi Tex-Mex, if you will.
Do whatever you want with the pie shell.
Hey Lachlan, I'm so hungry but want something nice now!

Well Falvey, why don't you make a Piechowich. Its fast, cheap, tasty and all the ingredients are in your kitchen already!

Hell yeah, that's going to give me a mouthgasm!

5 minutes later: mmmmmmmmm.....
by NZAP 9041 February 01, 2011
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