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(n) A meal consisting of a mince & cheese pie and corn chips. First, peel the lid off your pie. Scoop out, using the corn chips, the contents of the pie, and eat.
When all the pie filling is gone, place the remainder of your corn chips in the pie, place pie top back on and eat. It is now a corn chip pie, sans original filling.
You can mix up the meal by choosing different flavour pie and corn chips. For a family gathering, try a family size pie and a big pack of corn chips. Ideal with beer and sport. Warm on a winters day.
Hey Falvey, I'm starving and all I have is a pie and some corn chips.

Well Lachlan, why don't you have a piecho?

Too right, Falvey, Tasty and filling. You want to share?

Yeah Lachlan, gimmie some of that piecho goodness!
by NZAP 9041 January 21, 2011
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