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Pie Roulette: the act of eating the last pie at a 24 hour service station or a particularly dodgy 7/11. Usually said pie has been sitting there for an unknown period of time is a flavour that gets passed over on a regular basis (Veg Curry especially).

It should be noted that 'pie roulette' generally only occurs in the early hours of the morning when drunken hunger overpower all forms of self preservation.
John: Are you really gonna eat that nasty looking pie?
Steve: Ya for sure! Why not?
John: It's 4am, it's the last one on the shelf AND it's a veg curry!
Steve: Pie Roulette my friend. What doesn't kill you...
John: ...usually succeeds the second time!
by supanover_ek_sez September 21, 2010
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