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Is a guy who is so perfect he is almost like a still shot photo of perfection with a gold embossed frame. Picture Purfect, or double P, is ultimately the coolest person in the world and is incredibly intelligent. He's a caring heart, a golden coloured care bear who's alway there for you, and he's an awesome person you'd want to spend all your time with. he can make you smile without you even realizing, an blush without you even wanting to. He's kicking and totally awesome. A trustworthy person to share each and every single one of your secrets with. A person you can be yourself around and a person to say 'yo, homie... wanna chill with some dvds?'. So picture purfect is a purfect picture of what perfection looks like perfected. The best.
rohini: hey picture purfect, you are so wonderful how did you get so sweet and cool?
picture purfect: chikkadi, why don't you come jump into my frame then we can be sweet together? ;)
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