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A Chinese fast food chain that taste soo bad that you think about other Chinese places to eat, while your eating it. In other words a step below Taco Bell if they tried to make Chinese food with re-fried beans and stale Taco shells.

This definition is under protest because the Chinese Government is refuting the claim that Pick Up Stix serves Chinese food...

Hu Jintao the president of China stated,

"It is a deplorable act what Pick Up Stix has done to the good name of everything Chinese.... We urge the US Government to put a stop to this aggression targeted towards the good name of Chinese people everywhere. Pick Up Stix is not Chinese food and never will be... it is barely edible."
dude 1: "What do you feel like eating?"

dude 2: " I want some good Chinese food."

dude 1: "Ok... got you, any place other than Pick up Stix."
by Jpdragon9000 February 05, 2010
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When two men scissor, with full penetration.

Each man places his legs in a Y configuation, and they both simultaneously penetrate each other.
Man, you gotta be careful not to torsion a testicle when doing Pick up Stix.
by Doboy April 18, 2018
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