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def. PicPocket ˈpɪkˌpɒkɪt (v.)

1. the act of gaining access to all the photos taken at any live event in real-time, worldwide, without asking for them
2. the act of sharing photos at any live event without telling anyone

def. PicPocket ˈpɪkˌpɒkɪt (n.)
1. a person who steals from the pockets or handbags of others in public places pickpocket
2. anyone who gladly shares his/her photos taken at live events knowing that doing so gets them access to everyone else’s as well
3. anyone who has been promised pictures from weddings, birthday parties, Little League games and family reunions who's tired of being lied to and takes matters into their own hands so they never miss out again
4. an Austin, TX based start-up with a cool logo and an even cooler name that makes photo-sharing at live events so easy, it’s almost criminal
NASCAR fan #1: Dude, did you see that wreck at Daytona last week?
NASCAR fan #2: Nah. I was sitting way on the opposite side of the track!
NASCAR fan #1: Me too, but I PicPocket'ed them. Way cool.

future Bride: Honey, did you buy all those cheap, disposable, plastic cameras made in China for our wedding guests?
fiancé: No, sweetie. I decided we're gonna PicPocket the wedding and the reception instead. Everybody has an iPhone5 these days anyway and this way, we get all their photos instantly and can share them online without a hassle.
future Bride: oh, honey. I love you. You just think of everything.

soccer mom #1: Hey, will you send me those pics you took at the game on Saturday?
soccer mom #2: (yawn) that's so old school. All you have to do is download the PicPocket app and you could get everyone's photos instantly!
soccer mom #1: Oh… thanks. Valium?
by SharingIsNotaCrime January 27, 2013
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