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A specific type of manwhore who can be seen at parties and raves in sf. Probably the most fake person you'll ever meet. Usually manipulates and uses girls, and then tosses them aside like garbage. Likely has a gf he cheats on. Tricks you into thinking its your fault. Probably has stds. Don't fall for his charms. Its a lie. Claims stuff like he wants to save the world when all he cares about is being part of the cool scene and hanging out with his super cool dj friend (who he's probably also screwing). Most likely such a manwhore because he's denying his inner gayness. Closely resembles a 16 yr old dike.
Phrost: "lalalala i can play the guitar and sing real good bc I use to be in theater and now I have this super cool job designing video games!"
Girl: *swoon*
Phrost:"hey ur super cute... I really wanna fuck you but this is wrong "
*puts his hand on ur crotch*
"I dont want you to think I dont have morals"
*rubs crotch*
"are you trying to seduce me?*
*suggestive eyebrow*
by FuckThatBlueTroll July 22, 2009
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