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"Cem" is a short phrase that can be used universally around the world. The context it of the phrase also depends on the way it is said...different pitch, tone and length can mean different things, despite the same word being spoken.


The phrase was coined by a group of students at the University of Bedfordshire, known as Jaguar Paw.

Due to their high grasping of the "Cem" language then have developed the ability to hold an entire conversation using just this word.
Phrase: "Cem"

- To greet somebody
- To break silence
- Describing something (Tone sets good or bad)
- Are you ready?

Used for persuasion:

Quote: "Hey...just cem"

Used in a moment of Joy:

Quote: "Ceeeeeemmm"
by |Jaguar Paw| May 13, 2010
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