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An abusive term used by those who have studied Physics.
Best used after YOUR FACE to produce an ultimate insult.
Person 1: What time is it?
Person 2: Your face
Person 1: Your face sucks photodiode of teh photoconductive variety, Photodiode! Photodiode!
Person 1: (Spontaniously combusts)
Person 2: Q.E.D!

Person 1: Your mamma
Person 2: Your face
Person 1: Your mammas face
Person 2: Your mammas face is a photodiode
Person 1: Photodiode??? WTF???
Person 2: Haa! Q.E.D! Screw you Photodiode

Person 1: Who are you?
Person 2: Screw you
Person 1: Suck my ROFLcopter photodouche
Person 2: Away and suck photodiode or teh 1337 black ice shall chib you with it's photoemmisions of an unknown variety plasmatron gun
by soisoisoi9 May 10, 2008
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